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Lowongan Kerja PT SiCepat Ekspres Indonesia Lokasi Jakarta

SiCepat Ekspres adalah sebuah perusahaan yang bergerak pada bidang jasa, berfokus pada pelayanan jasa pengiriman barang yang mencakup seluruh wilayah Indonesia dan berekspansi ke benua Asia dan juga Australia. Sejak didirikan pertama kali pada tahun 2014. 


SiCepat Ekspres telah berkembang pesat dan memiliki lebih dari ratusan cabang yang tersebar di seluruh Indonesia untuk mendukung seluruh kegiatan operasional pengiriman. 


Meski baru didirikan pada tahun 2014, SiCepat Ekspres telah menjadi salah satu perusahaan yang cukup besar dan sudah diperhitungkan keberadaannya oleh perusahaan-perusahaan lain yang bergerak di bidang jasa pengiriman serupa di Indonesia.


kini SiCepat Ekspres  kembali membuka lowongan kerja untuk para pencari kerja ,adapun posisi atau jabatan yang tersedia untuk para pencari kerja dengan kualifikasi sebagai berikut 

Diposting 12 September   2023

Lowongan Kerja PT SiCepat Ekspres Indonesia 


Job Descriptions :

  1. Identify the demand for materials, equipment, and services for building and outlet maintenance and repair.

  2. Evaluate and discover possible suppliers who can offer goods and services in accordance with the company’s standards and requirements.

  3. Negotiation with suppliers to secure favourable pricing and contract terms.

  4. Identify and analyse company needs for assets and gadgets such as cellphones, laptops, computers, scales, and shophouse/outlet.

  5. Work with internal teams to understand specific and item requirements.

  6. Develop contacts with possible vendors to learn about available products and services.

  7. Determine the maintenance requirements for firm premises and outlets.

  8. Collaborate with the technical team to ensure that repairs and maintenance are done correctly.

  9. Coordinate the acquisition of maintenance supplies and services.

Supplier Evaluation :

  1. Evaluate  suppliers based on criteria such as product quality, price, warranties, and ability to meet company needs.

  2. Coordinate product testing and quality evaluations as required.

  3. Evaluate suppliers of assets, electronics, and maintenance materials and services.

  4. Develop evaluation criteria to select suppliers that best suit the company’s needs.

Requirement :

  1. Male/Female max. age of 30 years

  2. Bachelor’s Degree in any major

  3. Minimum one year experience as procurement

  4. Excellent negotiation skills

  5. Experience in logistics or construction industries is a plus


Job Descriptions :

  1. Analyze the needs of presenting data and reports needed by each department

  2. Explore various kinds of data and reports that are available to generate insights

  3. Create and send reports to Commercial, Operation, Marketing & Finance

Requirements :

  1. Male/Female

  2. Bachelor degree from Information Systems and Technology/Mathematics/Information Systems

  3. Experienced in related field 1-3 years

  4. Having skill in relevant fields and have a general understanding of how the system works

  5. Familliar with Tabelau Dashboard / Metabase


Job Descriptions :

  1. Process and analyzing datasuch as routing, performance, heatmaputilization, etc.

  2. Analyzing, identifyroot cause and recommendthe analysis result

  3. Develop and stretch team to improve the quality of the team

Requirement :

  1. S1/S2 any major

  2. Have an experienced 3-5 years in query and metabase (able to process data)

  3. Understand in Logistic is a plus

  4. Good Communication and personality

  5. Critical thinking and problem solving


Job Descrriptions :

  1. Collaborate with Engineering Team to find best solution in making new System.

  2. Maintain Tech Infrastructure, both in VM and Containerized Environment.

  3. Create Monitor and Alert for Application Level and Infrastructure Level.

  4. Create Automation for making repetitive tasks faster and efficient.

  5. Create and Maintain CI / CD, both in VM and Containerized Environment.

  6. Identifying and Resolving issues in both Infrastructure and Application.

  7. Constantly do research on how to make our system and Infrastructure better and efficient.

Requirement :

  1. +- 4 Years of Experience in IT Infrastructure Field.

  2. Experience in handling Large Scale IT System.

  3. Experience in Cloud Platform, such as AWS, GCP, and Azure Cloud.

  4. Good knowledge on DevOps/SRE mindset to do daily task activities.

  5. Good knowledge on using Containerized Service, such as Docker, Kubernetes and Serverless Compute.

  6. Good knowledge on maintaining and debugging problems on Linux Server OS, Ubuntu preferred.

  7. Experience in handling Monitoring, Logging and Alerting, such as using Grafana, Prometheus, NewRelic, and Datadog.

  8. Great understanding on Database, both SQL and NoSQL, such as Postgres, MariaDB, Redis, and MongoDB.

  9. Great understanding on Message Queueing, such as NSQ and Kafka.

  10. Great understanding on Infra-As-Code, such as Terraform and Ansible.

  11. Likes to create Efficient Code for Automation. Preferred Programming Language: Golang, NodeJS, Python.

  12. Love challenges on Problem Solving, Planning and Analytical Logic.

  13. Love to use Bash or Shell, especially for scripting.

  14. Able to read and understand how other teams’ codes and how it works.

  15. Great on communication and collaboration.

  16. A Fun Person.


Job Descriptions :

  1. Design, develop, and modify SAP programs (RICEFW)

  2. Perform all level of testing, problem solving, and bugfixing

  3. Collaborate with IT Division on any project or issues related to SAP

  4. Performance tuning and code review of SAP program

  5. Create technical documentation according to developed program

Requirements :

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, IS/IT, or Computer Science

  2. 1-2 working experience as SAP ABAP

  3. Have minimum 1 cycle of SAP implementation

  4. Good understanding on RICEFW and ABAP Dictionary

  5. Have knowledge of .NET is a plus

  6. A self-starter, fast & agile learner, and keeping up with the trend


Job Descriptions :

  1. Build and manage high performance Information Security team

  2. Seeking to build in security during the development stages of software systems, networks, etc

  3. Act as domain expert for information security, provide security expertise and best practices guidance to a diverse set of engineering and business.

  4. Conduct security reviews of core corporate and production infrastructure.

  5. Implement security tools such as policy generation, auditing, and detection pipelines.

  6. Drive to design, implement, and maintain the organization’s cybersecurity plan

  7. Plan, execute, and document the result of white box and black box testing periodically

  8. Coordinate Internal and external audit against relevant standards applicable to company such as PCIDSS, ISO 27001, NIST

  9. Develop and execute a security strategy and roadmap, with buyin from the organization and affiliates.

  10. Hire and upskill personnel in security team to meet security objectives.

Requirements :

  1. Min Bachelor’s Degree

  2. Min 5-6 years of working experience in IT Security

  3. Having a good knowledge in penetration testing, hacking

  4. Digital forensics, secure application development

  5. Familiar with ISMS (information security management system)

  6. Experience handling devsecops

  7. Familiar with security standard/framework (NIST , ISO , CIS , OWASP, etc)

  8. Digital forensics, secure application development

  9. Having a good knowledge in GCP, AWS


Job Descriptions :

  1. Conduct whole end-to-end assessment process

  2. Identify requirements of competencies on individual, team, unit and other bases

  3. Facilitate the talent mapping process (demotion, rotation, and promotion)

  4. Able to make a psychological report with matrix competency

  5. Able to identify assessment needs and tools for various roles

Requirement :

  1. Bachelor Degree in Psychology with a minimum GPA of 3.0

  2. Minimum 1 years experience in handling assessment

  3. Understand psychological testing tools, competency dictionary and Ms Office

  4. Have Assessment Certifications preferably

  5. Good interpersonal skill, communication skill, detail-oriented and analytical skill

Jika Anda Tertarik Terkait Posisi Di Lowongan Kerja Ini, silahkan kirim CV lengkap terbaru Anda melalui email ke:

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